Edo Association Belgium v.z.w. was founded by seven members in the year 1997 at Ette Ibibio cafe, zwijnardsesteenweg 104 in Gent, Belgium.The founders names are  Victor Imade,Ernest Omorede,Harry Omo Ogbebor, Monday Ugbo, Henryson Otamere, Bello Josef & Solomon Osazee. Mr Victor Imade was elected as the  president, Ernest Omorede as the vice president, Harry Omo Ogbebor as the  Secretary General, Monday Ugbo as the Treasurer & Henryson Otamere as the assistant Secretary General, they & other members worked meritoriously for this association to grow  in strength & in size. We have over 28 regular financial members today in the association, this number is small compared to the statistics of the population of Edo State virile men in Belgium, but it is not how much but how capable the few members that we have can contribute moraly & financialy to the growth & success of this great association because we are for quality & not for quantity. Edo Association is registered as a non profit & non political  organisation by the Royal  Act of Belgium on the 23rd of  December 1998. This association is also registered with the city of Gent & other organisations e.g the Vlaamse Studie en Documentatie Centrum(V.S.D.C), the Fedratie Van Zelf Organisaties in Vlaanderen (F.Z.O) & last but not the least, Nigerian Embassy in Belgium. Conclusively we should give kudos to ourselves & to God almighty for providing the strength & wisdom to manage ourselves throughout this years. GOD BLESS EDO ASSOCIATION.